Pages 2/23/12

Here's a fun journal page I worked on last night. Mixed media, collage and paints with copic pens.


Pages 02/12/12

Well, looking better! At least I have a surface to work on. I went to OSH and got some organizer baskets so I can keep things in one place instead of spread or stacked on the desk. Next, work on priming pages in this journal you see.


Pages 2/11/12

OK, when there's no room on the art table to make art you know it's time to clean. My goal this weekend is to make some room on my desk so I can work on the big blank book that's right on the top there. Problem is, all these supplies are essential. Hmm. OK, weell, maybe not the remote control. ;-)


Inspired by Leonard Cohen's "Who by Fire". I love this wonderful song. The imagery and creativity and thought put into the words. Illustration is a play on life and death and mirror reflection.
Paint, henna stencil and pencil drawing.
Left panel is stamped and images from the hipstamatic camera for iPhone were printed on canvas paper and altered. Song is inspired by the Counting Crows, "Round Here". "She has trouble acting normal when she's nervous."
Inspired by Peter Cincotti's, "Always Watching".
Inspired by the Tragically Hip's, "38 Years Old'. "Freezing slow time away from the world
He's 38 years old, never kissed a girl". Beautiful.
Well, I mailed out my book to Amy McDonald last week. I made alot of progress, but still didn't feel like I was done. I guess I can finish it when it finally comes back from the round robin. I received a book on Saturday from one of the artists in the round robin. It's a cool book with images of people who do undesirable jobs like, poop scooper, funeral home cosmetologist. Her theme is the taro, which is pretty interesting. I'll post an image as soon as one is complete. I am about 3/4 through the first spread. I tackled he death card, which works really well with my Day of the Dead artwork. It's Super Bowl Sunday, and a good day to get some art done since I hate football.


Poc Chuc Restaurant in San Francisco.
Graffiti covered van in San Francisco.
Building downtown SF.
City Hall, San Francisco.
Crossing the Golden Gate.
Sculpture at the hotel's garden.
Sculpture at the hotel's garden.
Theater in downtown Sonoma.
Architecture at an old building, downtown Sonoma.
Mission Sonoma.
At the mission in Sonoma.
Chess Garden at the hotel.
Driving in wine country, Sonoma, CA.
Weekend to San Francisco and Sonoma CA. All taken with Hipstamatic on the iphone.