Pages 3/30/12

This is another altered book spread I've been working on for a 'Dark Art' round robin I am in. The book's theme is 'Malice in Wonderland' and it examines the word 'Malice'. I found a cool quote by the writer Taylor Caldwell, "I have been the victim of heartless malice".

I began by prepping the background with a variety of acrylic paints. and then scratched down to the undercoat layer. I went back in with other colors, and pens and gold paints. The illustration on the left is a hand colored lino stamp. If you look back on older posts you can see the original stamp. I collaged some french words around the image. Then I used my trusty dymo plastic label maker to punch out the words. I'll seal it before sending.


Pages 3/26/12

I wanted to share with you some of the things I've been doing with those linoleum block stamps I've been carving over the past couple of weeks. Once you carve and stamp one of these, the options are endless. I played around with portfolio pastels, craft paints, sakura pens, and sharpie poster paint pens.

In some samples (like the skull prints) I painted a background and then applied the stamp on top. I also used one of the stamps in an altered book spread. So many options, and I can use them over and over again.


Pages 3/22/12

Carved another stamp last night. These lino block stamps are certainly addicting to make. I can't stop carving. There's something relaxing about guiding that carving tool along the block. The excitement of the first test print. Artsy geekery bliss.


Pages 3/20/12

Here are a couple journal pages I've been working on lately. These are actually within an altered book for a round robin I am in. What do you think? The theme of this altered book is Good Vs. Evil.


Pages 3/19/12

Another journal page I am working on. I started with a magazine photo and painted over it with acrylic paints. Then went back in with a white gel paint on top of the image. It was pretty fun almost completely covering the image with paint, then pulling back in the details.


Pages 3/18/12

Been making carved stamps today. I've used soft cut Lino blocks and speedball cutters to make these. Then I used a StazOn ink pad to test the prints. This way I can check how they print and make any additional fixes to the block. These are pretty addicting.


Pages 3/12/12

Altered book spread I did tonight. A bit spooky and still needs some text. But a good start.


Pages 3/5/12

Here are a few more pages of the journal I've been working on. Big fun. I'm enjoying working  on paper again.