Pages 5/25/12

Here are a few journal pages I did in a friend's journal recently. Kind of cheeky. lol. They turned out pretty cool. I used a variety of paints, and pens as well as collage and other mixed media objects.


Pages 5/7/12

Detail of the right spread.
Detail of the left spread.
Here are a few altered book spreads I did over the weekend. Mixed media, painting and collage on an old yearbook. This book is BIG. I am a little overwhelmed working large and filling the space, but it's been fun. The scary baby one, yeah it's scary. lol. I was just really drawn to the weird image.


Pages 5/3/12

Not too much going on in the studio right now. I've posted a page I am working on in an old journal. I'm working on priming some pages in a brand new book. This is the boring part, right? I have a couple more pages to prime and then I'll stitch them all together. That's when the fun starts. ;-)


Pages 05/1/12

"Big Hair Day" by Cindy Couling
A few months ago I was approached by an author to use a photo of one of my ceramic pieces on her book cover. I thought, well, that's cool! I sent her an image to use. Yesterday, I got a copy of the book in the mail. It was a nice surprise. The book is called 'Good Hair, Bad Hair", by Carmen L. Montañez. My piece is call 'Big Hair Day', so it fits nicely.

Congrats on your book Carmen! I wish you success. ;-)