Pages 10/14/07

Look what I just learned how to do. :-) I took a bunch of my photos of my altered books and journals and made a slideshow with Slide. I'm probably one of the last people to make my own slide show. It was actually very simple! Anyway, these are photos from a round robin True Colors theme that I was a part of in 2004. It was one of the best round robins I've participated in. Enjoy.


Pages 10/10/07

I got a hankering to work on some ceramics pieces this past weekend. These are bisque fired cork toppers. I just drew the black lines first, and will color them next weekend. After the color goes on, I'll fire them to cone 06, then apply the transparent glaze and refire. I'll post the next stage as soon as I get 'em done.


Pages 10/06/07

I've been busy at work but had a little time to jam out a bunch of zipper danglies for the Art Erratica Day of the Dead Danglies Swap. These are decorated with the 'Evil Grows' artwork in my last post. I wired them to an oversized lobster claw clasp and accentuated with a bone skull, beads and wire swirlies.
UPDATE - I just found a picture of some of the swap items one person received. (Pictured Right) Looks like she got one of mine. :-) This was a great swap. I got back some really cool items.