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Joy to the World


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Funky artist's mantra ring - CREATE


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Why are you looking at me like that?
There's nothing 2 see here.


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Her Mystery ...


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'Dia de los Muertos'


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I dream of the moon ...
Every night.


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My Microscope Slide Pandants are finally up for auction on eBay. Read more about the process in my 9/3/06 entry below. Thanks for looking.


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Play. Every Day!
Create. Make Stuff.


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Now you can do what you want to an now you can do what you please.
Now you can say what you want to and now you can say please.
(This was some song that got stuck in my head. I have no idea who it is by.
I think it was on an episode of CSI as a matter of fact. *LOL* Weird.)


Pages 09/02/06

A finished microscope slide pendant. I colorized the black and white images in Photoshop and printed on a sheet of archival 140lb Strathmore paper. The pendant is sealed between two microscope slides with silver lead-free solder. A jump ring is added and is then strung on a ball chain.

(Check out my July 6th entry to see the entire sheet of uncolorized microscope slides.)

I made a bunch of these to take back as gifts for my family. They seemed to be a hit. ;-) They were a little bit of work to make, but once I got my rhythm going, it was a breeze!


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Hand-colored Luna linoleum block print


Pages 08/28/06

Hand-colored Dragonfly linoleum block print

at ebay


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This is a blurb I spotted in the most recent 'Crafts Report' about a cool group of people from eBay I hang with - variaZioNE. I was excited to see it and am posting for them to check it out.


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Seek. Find.

Seek inside yourself.

Find your Muse.


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INSPIRE with your creativity.
Share your knowledge.


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UPSIDE DOWN - My brain won't quit.
No focus. No ending in sight.
Upside down madness having a rumble at
2 am in the morning. It pisses me off to no end.


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As promised, here are my first collage pendants I made while practicing with the soldering iron.

pendants: front

pendants: back


Pages 07/06/06

KD tells me I need to get off my ass and post more. Yikes. No pressure. Love yah KD. ha ha ha ..

No sob stories, but we've been remodeling and my art's been boxed up during the remodel. Honestly, since remodeling, I've *also* been afraid to make a mess! Last night I gingerly pulled out a few things to work on. I'm sloooowly getting used to my new 'digs' (where once I used to spread out across the floor, make art and big messes). I'll get used to it I'm sure. The new living room looks awesome and am very happy. I just miss my mountain of crafty stuff by my side.

So, for my birthday I got a brand new soldering iron to make those way cool microscope slide pendants I've been seeing all over the internet. My husband was a little hesitant about getting me one. He caved and got it, but only as long as I use safety goggles. I thought forgoing fashion was a small price to pay for making way cool soldered pendants. ;-) I've been working on mini drawings to fit within the slides. They're coming along nicely, but I'm waiting until I have a page of them before making the pendants. (I also thought they might make nice rubber stamps. Hmm. Next project.) Here's a sneak peek at the art so far. I'll post a couple of the test collage pendants I made as soon as I can. By the way, soldering was tough, stinky, and hard to get used to. But, the pendants are pretty cool once done. If you are starting out, hang in there. It gets easier.


A note for 5/30/06

Hey, just thought I'd mention, that during my little 'vacation' from blogging, I managed to redo my personal website. It's all new and improved and well needed after 9 years of the same stuff. Yikes. Many thanks to my husband Bob for making it really easy for me to update. You are awesome. :-)

Wander on over if you guys get a chance and let me know what you think.

Cindy's New and Improved Homepage

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'Dreamlike State'

'Peace, Love'

Here's a shout out to my nephew this day. Happy Birthday, Yak. ;-)


Pages 4/22/06

I am so excited! Paper Stained Glass by Klutz is finally out. My illustration 'Earth Day Butterfly' is on page 40! What a wonderful experience working with the folks at Klutz. They were absolute professionals every step of the way. I only wish all my illustration gigs went this smoothly.

It's been over a year of waiting, and then out of the blue several weeks ago, I finally got a call from someone at Klutz telling me my comp copies were shipping. Wahoo! The person also said they'd goofed and spelled my name wrong in the credits. She apologized profusely, and assured me it would be fixed in the next edition. Ahhh ... darn it. Oh well, everyone's been spelling my last name wrong as long as I can remember anyway.

So! I've been waiting patiently for my books to arrive ever since. Two weeks ago, a friend sent me a photo from her phone. It was of her daughter holding open a book showing my illustration. I hadn't even seen it myself yet, and I have to admit ... I was mildly jealous. She'd seen it in a shop in San Francisco. Last night I could take the wait no more and dragged my husband over to Learning Express to see if they had it in stock - and they did! What an awesome feeling opening the book up and finding my page. I ended up buying one while I wait for the comp copies to come! *L* The link above goes to Amazon. I wish I had a better picture to post ... (like maybe of the illustration)? I'll post one as soon as I can.


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LOVE LIFE - Enjoy each day. So, even if it's tough I try to think of the good things I have. Rejoice.


Pages 3/17/06

For April ;-)
Believe in your dreams. Make them real.


Pages 3/6/06

Dream. Fly. Soar. BE.


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Illustration Friday - TEA
Timid. Tired. Touchy. Tipsy.
Troubled. Trapped. Torn. Tears.


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Miniature Triptych - Live your poem ...


Pages 02/18/05

Miniature Triptych - Friendship Grows


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Illustration Friday - SIMPLE
Ladies and Gentlemen. Watch as the crazy lady's head spins. Sit back and enjoy the show.
NOTHING IS SIMPLE. Can just ONE day go smoothly?
Just one simple, happy, cool day? ONE?


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CREATE - Make art every day. Start as soon as the sun rises.
End when the moon says goodnight.


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Celestial Tryptic


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QUESTION - Question everyone. Question everything.
Learn and grow. These are my words to you.
Gather the answers.


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Cold look. BItter.
Deep thoughts. Deep subject. Silence.


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WONDER - Make them wonder. Make them stare.
Be you.


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My Story began when I met you. A real page turner.


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RAIN - Rain ... all day today. All night too.


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Growth. Life. Absolute.