Pages 06/11/11

Photos from our outing to San Juan Bautista.

 Old Adobe Antiques. All the times I've gone to San Juan Bautista, it's NEVER been open. Had to capture the 'Open' sign and open door.

 Adobe wall.

 Jardin's Restaurant gardens.

 Paloma Paloma. Day of the Dead altar right in the store.

 One of the many antique stores there. Good prices too!

 Rogue roosters all over the place.

 Huge cactus'. About 10-12 feet tall.

 At the mission. One of the most beautiful places to me.

 El Camino Real.

Bob walking up the Mission hall. We were disappointed the chapel and grounds we closed.

 Gilroy roadside stand.

 I love our California hills.

Heading home. Back to busy Silicon Valley.