Pages 11/27/11

Since I've been feeling under the weather I've been doing small projects in front of the TV while I rest - ATCs, painting pottery and doing some finishing work on various small projects. I've had these Day of the Dead clay magnets in a box for well over a year, just waiting for magnets to be attached. I finally finished them up. Nothing like some brain dead finishing work while sick. One more small project off my list.


Pages 11/26/11

Here's the Frida ATC all painted with watercolors. I really like the way this turned out! (She looks a tiny bit angry though. lol)


Pages 11/25/11

Here are a couple of new ATCs I've been working on.  The Santa was inspired after watching the Macy's Day Parade. Christmas with a twist. The other Frida / Catrina card was inspired by a Mexican folk art compact I bought a few months ago. I've never done any other types of skulls besides traditional and I thought it would be cool to try some different styles that include necks and shoulders. I thought it might be interesting to try adding some personality as well.


Pages 11/12/11

Working on painting some small trays about 6" x 6". I used underglazes on low fire clay. These are in the kiln and will need to be overglazed with transparent and fired one more time. I think I like the contrast between the bright color and the simple black and white. I think I might not paint the center portion. Hmm.