Pages 4/30/12

Self portrait collage for a swap I am in. Size is 4X6. The person hosting this swap is going to mount it on a 5X7 book. We also had to answer a bunch of questions about ourselves. I'll post what I get back if you guys are interested. ;-)


Pages 4/28/12

Here are the test prints colorized with Prismacolor Markers. It's pretty cool testing out different color palettes. With the stamps, you can print alot, play alot and not worry about screwing something up. It helps push you outside of your color comfort zone. These are alos ATC size, so I can make these tests into ATC trades.


Pages 4/27/12

Carved this face out of soft kut linoleum last night. I had a small peice on my art table forever and since I wanted to busy my hands, I carved this. I'm trying to do more thinner lines that print black. I find it really hard to not just cut out the 'outline' and go with that instead of cutting out the negative space. I'm a lazy carver. ;-)


Pages 4/23/12

A couple more finished visual journal pages. Both for a round robin I am in. Not sure now, looking at the 'Secret' pages if I need to go back and do a bot more. Hmm. Some open spaces I think might need 'something'. I'll sit on it a night or two. ;-) The 'Secret Family Recipe' spread was inspired, believe it or not, by the label on a can of Bush's Baked Beans.


Pages 4/20/12

Been working on some round robin journal spreads this week. Top design is for the 'Malice in Wonderland' themed altered book. It's been fun messing around with a darker theme. Bottom is for an open themed journal. I've used those handy dandy carved lino stamps I did awhile ago and then painted the girl with a variety of acrylics, gel pen and pastels.


Pages 4/16/12

Here's a finished spread in my personal art visual journal. It's the last one to finish before I do the cover. Top image is closest to the true colors in the book. The second I included because I loved the colors the Hipstamatic photograph put on it. It really enhanced the blues.


Pages 4/12/12

Well, I finished the page last night. I used the cut up piece I showed you guys yesterday. I layered in a bunch of acrylic paints and pastels and then did a final batik like stencil over the top to give it a splash of bright yellow. What you think? A little strange looking, but I dig it.


Pages 4/11/12

This was a weird little picture that came out of altering a magazine image. Almost spooks me out. Well, wait ... yeah it spooks me out. I covered this with a wash of acrylic paint, and then went back in with portfolio pastels and more full strength acrylic paints.

I ran this through the Zyron so the back is sticky. Oh, and I cut it up into pieces to give it a little more drama. I'll pop it into a journal page tonight and post the results tomorrow. ;-) Or when I get around to it. Who am I kidding.


Pages 4/3/12

A couple visual journal pages for a round robin I am in. Bottom skeleton hand incorporates a stamp made by another artist for a stamp swap we were in. Ironically, it's her journal I am working in so I thought it would be cool to try and use her stamp. Top piece has a lyric from a Tori Amos song which worked nicely with the artwork.