Pages 05/19/07

I've been playing around with some different shaped glass slides for pendants. I've also been reworking vintage jewelry to hang them from. Some of the old junk jewelry I find is awesome, and worth bringing some life back into it. The back is a textured piece of glass which is pearly purple. I've also been trying to solder in some different materials. Soldering isn't the easiest material I've ever worked with. Solder and I have a love / hate relationship. I love what it can do, but it's fussy to work with and stinky. I've burnt myself countless times and almost burnt a hole clear through my work table. Don't tell my husband. ;-)


Pages 05/18/07

Well, I'm still messing around with charm bracelets but the reaction has been pretty underwhelming to say the least. Everyone seems to be making them right now, and that's cool. It's really 'craft of the week' right now. I'm not one to follow the current trends, so I've tried to make them a little unusual. Also, it's been alot of fun to actually *use* beautiful beads or trinkets I've been hoarding over the years. My wiring skills are definitely getting better and I think jewelry making is becoming a medium I like more and more.


Pages 05/05/07

So, I jumped on the charm bracelet badwagon. Yeahhhh. I'm not much of a follower in that regard, but darn they looked like fun. This is the first one I've made and I have 2 or 3 more in the works at various stages of completion. I work on them off and on. Sometimes I will be working on a completely different project and I'll find a bead or oddity and it will be the perfect embellishment for a bracelet. I recommend taking a crack at making a charm bracelet. Have fun with it and push the limits. This ain't your gandma's charm bracelet - that's for sure. ;-)

This one's on eBay this week for anyone that's interested.


Pages 05/04/07

These are some matchbox shrines I created for a Latin Shrine swap on SwapBot. It was challenging working small, but alot of fun. I received 3 back from various partners and all were clever. I'll try and snap a picture of them sometime.