Pages 10/30/10

Yellow Dog.


Pages 10/20/10

Some new arty magnets just finished and fired and ready to package. I promise, they aren't as yellow as the picture. My iphone makes everything look jaundiced! lol. These go for $9 a piece. If anyone wants one before they go to a show - lemme know! ;-)


Pages 10/16/10

Here's a new clay box I am working on. It's pretty big at approx 8" wide and 12" tall. I am working on a day to night theme. I still need to finish the mountains, and then do some words on the hair of each character. This piece still needs to be glazed and then a handle topper will be added to the top so the lid can lift easily.


Pages 10/15/10

I went crazy and doodled a whole pile of ATCs this week. Some are done on old postcards I chopped up. Next I'll work on coloring them with watercolors. I'll post the finals when they are done.