Pages 10/24/09

Hi guys! I hope everyone isn't completely sick of me asking to vote for my card! *LOL* (Apologies if I am.) If you have a sec and you think this piece is cool - I sure would appreciate a vote. :-)

Please vote!

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Follow Up 11/19/09 - Hey! I got 4th place! The contest is over and I won a gift card for $200 and some free cards. Not too bad at all. Thanks everyone for voting. I appreciate it!


Pages 10/10/09

A final batch of Day of the Dead hand painted ceramic skulls. They were ALOT of work, but worth it. It's so cool to see them all together. To the left are a few covered with glaze waiting to be fired. Next week I'll get them into the kiln. My November show and sale is fast approaching and I am beginning to feel the pressure.

Final Skulls


Pages 10/07/09

These are my ceramic pendants finally packaged. I am really pleased with the final overall packaging. I ended up making my own packaging backing and painted them and cut them myself. I think I still might stamp the outside boxes to add even more to the design.