Pages 02/29/08

Three mixed media Artist Trading Cards. I used collage, and acrylic paints as well as colored pencils and embellishments. Images are from ArtChix Studios


Pages 02/28/08

Since we didn't have as many signups for the Shipwreck Swap, I had to quickly come up with a bunch more cards so the 5 participants didn't get the same card. lol. The front has a small plastic mirror and a vintage photo which I manipulated in Photoshop to make it look like it was bending in the water. On the back I did a transparency gel glue transfer - TWICE. One layer is of a weather map, and there's a ghostly overlay of a woman playing a violin on top. The butterflies are transparencies.


Pages 02/23/08

This is a piece I've just finished for the Altered Art Obsession Yahoo Group. It's one of 10 pieces I made for the swap. The theme is 'Shipwreck'. The swap hostess is going to make tiny little treasure chests, alter them and inside will have all the artwork from the participants. It sounded like a very unique swap, so I couldn't wait to join in and work on mine. The size is a little odd, 2" X 4".
I started with a large sheet of heavyweight watercolor paper and did multiple layers of lumiere metallic paints. On the other side, I found a nice big piece of vintage wallpaper with a crackle/peeled look and adhered it to the back. After I let everything dry, I cut the cards to the size I needed and was ready to start collaging.
I wanted to do an underwater theme, so I found a couple photos at istock photo and downloaded them. I sized them to the size I wanted and printed them on cardstock to my inkjet printer. I attached the girl's image, painted her hair in several layers of acrylics and then added the boat, tossing on the top wave of her hair. I had some pretty nice bindis, so I added that to her face. Lastly, I did a coating of shimmering sparkle paint on her hair (which the photo does not show well.)
For the back, I used a purple stamp pad and weathered the edges. I found a really cool poem and sized properly in photoshop, and printed to a transparency. I adhered it to the card with sparkle paint and then added some simple metallic stars in the corners. Once I get my treasure chest back, I'll post my return. ;-)


Pages 02/16/08

Just working on restocking my etsy store while my hubby does some upgrade work at my office today. I did these pendants awhile ago, and not sure why I haven't listed them yet. (Most likely because it's work to list and I procrastinate.) Anyway, the moon pendant on the right was made the same way you solder a microscope slide, but I messed around with different glass shapes than the norm. These are about 1" square. Back side (see below) is a pretty pearlescent dichroic surface that is a little texturized. I soldered on sold wire swirlies and added some funky little charms and a wire spiral bead I made. I found an old vintage chain, cleaned it up and recycled it. It's actually VERY lightweight.


Pages 02/10/08

Milagros Charm Swap - ArtErratica. These are charms I made for a swap over on the ArtErratica Yahoo Group. I got alot of practice with making my own wire eye pins and am getting pretty good at it. (After making 15 and then another 14 more for ANOTHER swap!) So, it goes to show practice makes 'somewhat' perfect. By the time I finished I had it down pat. I got these milagros when we were in Tijuana several years ago and it was hard to part with them. But hey, I know my swap partners will enjoy them. I used heavyweight brass beads and made danglies and embellished with random mixed beads of shell, glass and metal. When I get the final swap items back I'll try to post them. I love the ArtErratica Group - it's such a great group of talented artists who take pride in their work and come up with some awesome ideas.