Pages 09/02/06

A finished microscope slide pendant. I colorized the black and white images in Photoshop and printed on a sheet of archival 140lb Strathmore paper. The pendant is sealed between two microscope slides with silver lead-free solder. A jump ring is added and is then strung on a ball chain.

(Check out my July 6th entry to see the entire sheet of uncolorized microscope slides.)

I made a bunch of these to take back as gifts for my family. They seemed to be a hit. ;-) They were a little bit of work to make, but once I got my rhythm going, it was a breeze!


The Epiphany Artist said...

totally cool!

kelly said...

There are definite advantages to being friends and/or family to this very talented artist! LOVE my pendant, thanks so much, girly!!!

sf said...

Cindy -
Way cool!

April said...

Meow!! I love my pendant :) Grow!

LunaGraphica said...

Oh my GOD guys ... I am such an idiot. I just figured out I had a bunch of messages to sift through. DOH!
Thanks so much for the comments everyone. April -- MEOWWWWW ...

My friend Kelly ... who is two comments above you was the original cat who began the Meow. ;-)