Pages 04/15/09

I got to open a freshly fired kiln load this morning. It's like Christmas! There is still one shelf load left, but have to leave hubby to upload it because I am far too short to reach the bottom. ;-) This was a mix of glazed pieces and bisque pieces. So if some look shinier than others you can tell which are glazed and which aren't. I was really pleased with pretty much everything. I was even able to recue the ornament I fired upsidedown. Oy. I was amazed it made it! (You can see it in the first photo. It's in the bottom left - the white ornament.)
Tonight I'll start with more glazing and see if I can get another kiln load ready for next week. I'll also be busy adding corks to the wine toppers. I was really pleased at how well the colors came out on the toppers.


Pages 04/11/09

Last night when I got home, I had a nice little surprise waiting for me. Last month some of my art was licenced by a company in Texas to be included in a line of domino jewelry. The company is called Phenomenoes. I was delighted to receive some samples of the jewelry and am very pleased at the clarity of the printing and quality of the product. Overall I am really stoked to be a part of the collection. Check out all the designs I have in the catalog here.


Pages 04/05/09

These are some pages I made for a swap I am in. The theme is 'Odd Girls'. The bases were made in Photoshop and then printed on a laser printer. Then I altered them by painting in the hair, adding collage pieces, stamping and drawing and adding some fibers. I find it's a good way to save alot of time when there are alot of pieces to make. By making the bases in Photoshop, I saved alot of time and I was able to make the 23 pages fairly quickly while still making each page unique with stamping and painting..