Pages 05/26/08 (Part B)

Oh! Here's a picture of the raised bed we put in this weekend. It's artistic in its own way and merits an entry! *lol* This was the third of four backbreaking tiers of bricks. We had to dig down about 8 inches, pour gravel and sand and hand place each of the brick and glue each one in. Oh, and carry them from the front of the house to the back! Now it's time for a nap. *lol*


April said...

Very nice! What will you grow?

kelly said...

Oh hey! I remember that yard very well! Lovely raised bed. What are ya going to put in it?

LunaGraphica said...

Hi guys - bob and I have NO idea what we're putting in there yet. EASY TO GROW stuff, most likelly as we both don't have green thumbs! lol.