Pages 6/27/12

It's been busy! I've been working on some pages over the past few weeks and I am posting a bunch of items for you guys to look at. Some incorporate some of my prints and others incorporate a new technique I've been playing with using packing tape.


Pages 6/8/12

Aren't these super cool? These are the self portrait books that Jen Worden put together. Each of us did a self portrait and sent it to Jen. She made these fabulous handmade books for each of us. Inside there are pages with copies of the other artist's self portraits. We also filled in a questionnaire and we got a copy of each person's answers. Awesome. Thanks Jen!

Artists are: Jen Worden, Maripat-Luna Doyle Oberg, AMy McDonald, Judah Sleep, Me and Karen Isaacson.


Pages 6/6/12

It's been a busy few weeks! I'm posting a few pics of what I've been working on in the evenings after work. Three of these are designs for a round robin journal swap I am in right now. A  couple of them aren't quite done yet. I'll post the finished pieces when they are done. The canvases are primed and ready for me to add a painting or collage. The top journal pages utilizes some of the lino block stamps I made a few months ago. It was fun to use them because they fit PERFECTLY in this journal.

That's about it! I'm so tired I don't have much more to say today! Enjoy the pics and ignore my boring words today. lol.