Pages 10/26/11

Some recent ATCs I've made. Copic markers, inks and watercolor.


Pages 10/19/11

Treasures from the kiln. Check out the haul. :-) Opening the kiln is always big fun. Perfect firing, nothing lost, nothing needing to be re-fired. Getting ready for my show in November. Hoping to get in one more load before then.


Pages 10/18/11

Sketchbook spread and a couple of ATC doodles.


Pages 10/15/11

 Benicia old ship bone yard from the highway.
 Crazy refinery in Benicia.

 Restaurant in Marriot Hotel in Sacramento.

 Inside of old record shop in Old Town Sacramento. There were tons of records, pinball machines and jukeboxes.

 Vinatage concert posters all over the walls. I love Stevie Ray.

 Close up of Juke Box selections.

 Strange park in the middle of Old Town.
 I love the California rolling hills.
 Staircase in Old Town Sacramento.
 Heywood Building. Old Town Sacramento.
 On the road again. The clouds had this super cool pattern.
 Rolling hills in farmland, near Pleasanton.
Photos from our recent getaway to Sacramento. These were all taken with the Hipstamatic on the iPhone.


Pages 10/13/11

I've been ignoring my blog lately. But, I've been working on projects the whole time. Here's a selection of some things I've been doing. A couple ATCs. One was for a friend's family member who she sends copies of my cards to. She loves collecting them, and I thought it would be nice to make her a custom card with her name on. Also shown, my mini journal I have by my desk at work so I can quickly scribble in when I get a jones to draw. I use mostly highlighters and it's fun to limit the palette as well as the materials I use. Lastly I've been putting together more ceramic skulls for an upcoming show. I enjoy jumping around with different types of media. Makes it more interesting to stretch the imagination and my skills.