Pages 11/29/10

Here's the final scan of the artwork with color for my client. I think it turned out nice. There's alot of gold leaf added on the stars ... tiny dots of gold all over.


Pages 11/28/10

Well, all finished inking the lines. What do you think? Now to color it all in like a speed demon so I can be done by tomorrow. Colored version soon. (I hope!) I am enjoying this project, just wish I didn't have to rush it. The words are beautiful. I hope they like it.


Pages 11/27/10

This is what I am working on today. It's a love story a client wrote for their husband for their 30th Wedding Anniversary. She wants me to make it look like an illuminated manuscript page. I don't really *do* calligraphy, but she is ok with just my handwriting. The pencil sketch is ready to be inked and I am praying I don't have any kind of pen malfunction, or BRAIN malfunction when I go to redo the lettering. I already had to rewrite it once because I left out a paragraph. (I wondered why it fit really nicely the first time I wrote it out.)

It's an odd feeling creating something so very personal for a client. But I am really honored to have been asked. I just reallllllly don't want to screw this up. (BTW, I blurred out their names for privacy.)

I'll post progression as I go today and tomorrow. I have to hurry, this needs to be done by Hanukkah for a gift. No pressure! (Yeah, right.)

Pages 11/26/10

A few more ATCs / ACEOs I finished. All of these were done on reclaimed / recycled card stock. Some of them have words from the advertising still on them. One is painted on a piece of heavy cereal box paper. The black and blue cards, I used a white sharpie poster paint pen for white highlights.


Pages 11/25/10

Here are a set of 9 ATC journal cards colorized and scanned. Some are done on 140lb. watercolor paper and some are done on recycled card stock I cut up.


Pages 11/19/10

A few ATCs in black and white. Will color them in watercolor later.


Pages 11/14/10

My display at Art in Clay 2010. You know, it never fails to surprise me what items sell at any show. Last year I sold a ton of bottle stoppers, and this year ... not one so far. On the other hand, things that didn't sell LAST YEAR, are selling. *scratching head* Oh well, shoppers keep me on my toes all the time. I'll never figure it out!


Pages 11/12/10

Some pics of the Holiday Show at Higher Fire. They did a really nice job of setting people's work up I think. The space is open and bright.


Pages 11/03/10

My finished clay boxes. I was *SO* excited when these came out of the kiln. The colors on the moon box really intensified more than I expected. I finished the lids with ornamental pulls.