Pages 03/30/09

I bought these bisque pendants for another project. My original idea did not work out. I'd planned to collage on the surface and it just was not working. Sooooo, after having them hang around my studio for over 2 years, I decided to paint them with ceramic glaze and make painted pendants. (What they were actually intended to be! lol.) I am on a kick right now to use up and finish projects I started, or bought and never did. This is one of them. These will be fired in the kiln and then color will be added to them, baked again and then a clear glaze added over them. Although, I am kind of liking the stark black and white. Maybe I will leave them with no color. What do you guys think?


Pages 03/13/09

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I thought I'd share this slideshow of the work from the other students in Traci's workshops. There has been some really fabulous work made!


Pages 03/07/09

Another of my 'doodles' from the Bautista workshop. I used a variety of pens, Sakura Gel Pens, colored pencils, correction pens, sharpies.