'Strange Little Girl'. This is a digital ATC made with multiple layers in Photoshop. This is for the next Artist Trading Cards Yahoo Group digital ATC swap. I love playing around with digital ATCs. It lets me express another 'style' I have. It's also enjoyable for me to take take the tools I use at my day job as a graphic designer, and pull in my 'crafty' side to create digital collages.
For those of you interested in trading digital ATC cards, the Artist Trading Card Yahoo Group group is open for membership, and has regular monthly swaps. They have alot of different swaps each month in all genres, not just digital.


Pages 12/17/08

I swapped Goth Postcards with british artist, Gillian Allen. She sent me a wonderful stenciled card in return. The technique is really cool and the result is a hazy, almost mysterious and ghostly look. It's definitely something I want to try in the future.

She also sent a link to a tutorial she wrote about this technique. I thought I would pass it on to all of you. Making Stencils.

Here's a link to the final goth art postcard pieces. It's a truly fabulous collection with many talented artists. There is quite a range of styles and treatment of the subject. I hope to do more swaps with this group again.


Pages 12/05/08

This is our little Christmas Forest on our front lawn. :-)


Pages 12/03/08

Here is the final frog wreath illustration for the Gladys Porter Zoo. This was a very fun project!


Pages 12/01/08

I was very fortunate to be asked to do an illustration for the Gladys Porter Zoo Christmas card. They requested a 'frog wreath' in honor of 'Year of the Frog'. Why year of the frog? Our frogs are disappearing and many may become extinct. Read about it here. When I did my research, I was blown away at the amount of varieties of frogs there are ... literally HUNDREDS! I'll post the final once this sketch is approved and I actually finish it. Deadline is Thursday, so I have my work cut out for me.