Pages 07/21/07

Day of the Dead Bamboo Beads

Sumthin' different. I've been making Frida Kahlo bamboo beads for awhile and was geting bored of making them. I think it's cool that you can tile the photo across the three beads. It opens up alot of possibilites. I put these up for auction at eBay if anyone out there is interested. :-) They are sealed and water resistant and ready to rock and roll in a cool project. These would make a neato bracelet. I haven't tried putting one together yet, but plan to. I have several sets I will play around with soon.


Pages 07/19/07

Faux Postage

I got inspired from a class I recently took with Mountain View Artist Jacqueline Ernst. We learned how to get better at sketching while travelling. The class was very laid back and Jackie was very flexible with the class schedule. She'd pretty much teach us whatever we wanted to learn or try. It was a great class, very friendly and supportive. Jackie makes faux postage. Her stamps are very intricate and reflect her past travels. I was fascinated by them and quickly sketched some in my journal.

These are the sketches which I scanned and colorized in Photoshop. I made a stamp border and added type. They aren't as detailed as Jackie's, but they're me. ;-)

I recommend a class with Jackie. Her studio is warm and cozy and her personality is infectious.
A shout out to ya Jackie. I'll be back for another workshop soon.



Pages 07/12/07

Peace on Earth

The size is 8"X10", painted with Watercolor and India Inks. This comes in reaction to all the chaos going on in the world. Hoping war will come to an end soon.


Pages 07/02/07

Sketchbook doodle.