Pages 07/28/11

Working on this tip-in page for a friend's 50th birthday. Size is 7X7. She's doing a 50th birthday journal and capturing her year. Hope she like this! This is the ink only version before adding color. I always scan after I do a black and white piece. I try to capture all stages of the design.


Pages 07/25/11

This sun bowl is now ready to be glazed. All the underglazes are in place. Once it comes out of the kiln, the colors will brighten up and be shiny.


Pages 07/13/11

Pretty cool - I got interviewed for EQSQ's Blogger of the Week. Check out the article.



Pages 07/03/11

I've been super busy with work, so not alot of time to create right now. Here are a couple ATCs I did over the past couple of weeks.